CBD Crystallization FAQ

CBD in high purities is known to crystallize over time, unlike THC distillate which you may know as a viscous, honey-like, liquid. Due to the high potency of CBD in our Pine & Berry CBD vape it is likely that your cartridge may crystallize.

We do not use any dilutants or fillers to prevent crystallization.

CBD crystallization is a sign of purity and quality, is completely safe, and is not an indication of a defective product.

Your CBD vape cartridge functions optimally with product at the cartridge base, and the use of a push-start battery to preheat and melt the crystals, allowing them to flow into the cartridge element for vaporization.

If using a non-push-start battery, try taking a few long draws to preheat.

Crystallization may reoccur once the product cools.

So long as there is sufficient product in the cartridge, proper function can be returned by:

a) Melt the crystals by applying gentle heat, (e.g. warm hair dryer, rolling between hands, in a sealed bag under hot water)

b) Rest the cartridge upright to return formulation to the cartridge base

c) Let the cartridge cool to touch before using it

Note: Do not put in the microwave or apply directly to high heat.